DEEB Bagh 8th Class Annual Exams 2023 Forms Schedule

The District Elementary Education Board (DEEB) Bagh has outlined the schedule for the 8th class annual examinations for the academic year 2023. The exams section of DEEB Bagh has released a timetable for the submission of application forms, which students and their respective schools are required to follow.

According to the schedule, the final date for submitting application forms without any late fee is set for December 10, 2023. If students miss this deadline, they have the option to submit their forms with a late fee of Rs.200 per student until December 20, 2023.

DEEB Bagh 8th Class Annual Exams 2023 Forms Schedule

For those who are unable to meet this extended deadline, the schools can still forward the admission forms with the payment of double the normal fee by December 25, 2023. Lastly, there is a provision for very late submissions where application forms can be sent with a triple fee by the final cut-off date of December 31, 2023.

This structured timeline ensures that all students have multiple opportunities to register for their exams, albeit with additional fees if the initial deadline is missed. Students and schools in the Bagh district must adhere to these dates to ensure participation in the 8th class annual examinations for the year 2023.



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