Prize Bond

How to claim prize bond in Pakistan – Get prize bond money

Prize Bond – Prize bonds in 8 different denominations: Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 750, Rs 1500, Rs 7 500, Rs 1,5 000 and Rs 40, 000 prize bond are available in Pakistan.  

Prize bond draw is conducted every 3 months in all denominations, and the draw results are announced by the National Savings.  

A Prize bond is a randomly chosen redeemed bond within the issuance at higher than the bond’s face value. Prize bonds are held in multiple cities of Pakitan as per the prize bond schedule.  

Suppose you are the lucky winner and want to claim the prize bond money. If you do not know how to claim prize bond money, follow the instructions below.    

How to claim prize bond money?

If you are a lucky winner, you must complete the claim form and submit it, including your NIC copy, to the State Bank of Pakistan.  

The prize bond money claim can generally be submitted after 3 or 4 working days from the draw date, and the maximum time for claiming the prize will be six years from the draw date.

The state bank of Pakistan can claim the prize bond money, to claim the prize follow the guideline.  

Required documents for the prize money claim

  • Visit your nearest State Bank of Pakistan field office.
  • Get the prize-winning claim form free of cost.
  • Fill this form carefully.
  • Provide the properly signed claim form, including a CNIC copy, an original prize bond signed by the applicant, and a winning prize bond copy signed by the applicant to the counter.

Required days for the settlement to claim prize bond money

  • Up to Rs 18,500/- same day
  • Up to Rs 500,000/- 20 working days
  • Above Rs 500,000/- 30 working days

Furthermore, the applicant receives a receipt from the bank showing the date of the payment order if the money is more than Rs. 18,500. The State bank of Pakistan field office has to be revisited on the due date, and the receipt of the claim must be shown at the counter.

The payment is then transferred to your bank account. The maximum time to claim the prize money should be six years from the draw date.    

Note: The prize money can be redeemed by any National Savings Centre, registered bank branch, or State Bank of Pakistan branches up to Rs. 1,250/-. The only branches of the State Bank of Pakistan can claim price money above Rs. 1,250/-.

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