Best Home Internet Packages in Dubai

Dubai offers a plethora of options for home internet services, catering to a wide range of needs and budgets. The two major service providers in the city are Etisalat and Du, both offering a variety of packages.

Etisalat’s offerings range from the Al Shamil broadband connection to the comprehensive eLife internet package, which includes landline, television, and internet services. Du’s home internet plans include options such as du Home Starter, du Home Basic Promo, and more.

Top Internet Packages in Dubai

The cost of a basic home internet package in Dubai varies depending on the speed of the connection. Customers can choose between a broadband connection or a combination of internet and TV services. The prices of these packages also contribute to the overall cost of living in Dubai.

To subscribe to these services, customers must visit the nearest Etisalat or Du service center. The application process typically takes around a week, and applicants must be Dubai residents. For Du’s home internet deals, subscribers must be at least 21 years old. If under 21, they can still subscribe by providing a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from someone who is at least 21 years old and agrees to be responsible for the internet account.

Etisalat Internet Packages

Etisalat internet packages are as follows:

Internet PackageSpeedTV InclusionsMonthly Price (AED)Contract Length (Months)
eLife Lite 100100 MbpsIncluded74912
eLife Lite 5050 MbpsIncluded59912
eLife Lite 2525 MbpsIncluded39912
eLife Lite 1212 MbpsIncluded29912
eLife Entertainment100 MbpsOSN Premium56924
eLife Sports100 Mbps120+ Sports43524
eLife Family100 Mbps150+ FTA35924
Unlimited Entertainment500 Mbps236+ Premium59924
Unlimited Sports500 Mbps262+ Sports46524
Unlimited Starter250 Mbps187+ HD38924
Ultra Fusion1 Gbps300+ HD81524
Ultra Sports750 Mbps262+ HD51524
Ultra Entertainment750 Mbps236+ HD63924
Ultra Starter500 Mbps187+ HD29924

Note: The figures have been taken from the official Etisalat website.

Du Internet Packages

Internet PackageSpeedTV InclusionsMonthly Price (AED)Contract Length (Months)
Du Home Starter500 MbpsOSN+27224
Du Home Basic800 MbpsIncluded34924
Du Home Advanced1 GbpsIncluded40424
Du Home Ultimate1 GbpsIncluded (Premium TV, Entertainment Pack, Ultimate Pack, Essential TV)80424

Note: The figures have been taken from the official Du website.

How to Pay Internet Bill in Dubai

Managing internet subscription services and payments is simple. Customers can check and pay their bills online via credit or debit card by visiting the official website and registering. Additionally, both Etisalat and Du offer apps that allow users to manage their accounts and make payments.

Documents for Internet Connection

To sign up for these internet packages, customers need to provide a valid UAE residence visa, Emirates ID, and copies of both documents. For du packages specifically, customers also need to provide their Ejari tenancy contract or a title deed with their name and address.

Transferring Your Internet Service to a New Home

Transferring internet services to a new home is also possible with both providers. However, customers should be aware of potential transfer fees and additional costs if extra wiring is needed.

Canceling Your Dubai Internet Connection

If customers wish to cancel their internet connection, they should contact their provider directly. Providers usually require a notice period of one month. It’s also important to note that breaking contracts might result in early cancellation fees.

Dubai offers a wide range of flexible internet packages to suit different needs and budgets. Being well-informed about the available options can help residents make decisions that best suit their requirements.

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