Android 12 New Update Makes Apps Run Faster

Google has recently launched a new update for the Android Runtime (ART), promising to significantly enhance the speed at which apps launch. This innovative update is now available for all devices operating on Android 12 and newer versions.

The Android Runtime, or ART, serves as the engine that powers apps on Android devices. It provides the fundamental runtime and core APIs that both apps and various operating system services depend on. ART compiles both Java and Kotlin languages into bytecode, which it then executes. Therefore, any improvements to ART typically result in faster app launches, improved execution speed, better memory utilization, more efficient bytecode compilation, and crucial security enhancements.

The latest ART 13 update brings a host of runtime and compiler optimizations, leading to substantial improvements in app startup times. In fact, some phones have seen app launch speeds improve by up to 30% with this update.

Before releasing these updates, Google conducts rigorous testing, compiling over 18 million APKs, running app compatibility tests, and conducting startup, performance, and memory benchmarks on a diverse range of Android devices. This ensures that the updates closely replicate the diversity of the Android ecosystem.

In addition to enhancing user experience, Google also focuses on improvements for developers in each update. The ART 13 update has enabled the fastest-ever adoption of a new OpenJDK release (OpenJDK 11) on Android devices, demonstrating progress in OpenJDK and compiler optimizations that benefit both Java and Kotlin.

The ART 13 update will be distributed to Android 12 and newer phones via the Google Play system and is expected to arrive on Android Go phones soon. Google has also hinted at the unveiling of ART 14 in the coming months, keeping the tech community in eager anticipation.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of Android technology.

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