Afghanistan Ramadan Calendar 2023

Afghanistan Ramadan Time 2023 includes a Ramadan Calendar 2023 Afghanistan and a 30-day timetable for all cities. The month of Ramadan 2023 begins on April 2, 2023, with the first Ramadan in Afghanistan occurring on Friday, 1443 Hijri. Ramadan Sehri and Iftar Times for several cities are listed here, along with a daily exact time for Ramadan 2023 Afghanistan.

Ramadan Timetable 2023 Afghanistan

City Sehr Iftar
Baghlan 05:09 am 05:41 pm
Ghazni 05:10 am 05:45 pm
Herat 05:35 am 06:09 pm
Kabul 05:07 am 05:41 pm
Jalalabad 05:02 am 05:36 pm
Kandahar 05:21 am 05:58 pm
Kunduz 05:09 am 05:40 pm
Balkh 05:17 am 05:47 pm
Mazar E Sharif 05:16 am 05:47 pm
Gardez 05:07 am 05:42 pm

Afghanistan Ramadan Timings (Top Cities)

Afghanistan Ramadan Timing 2023 – Ramadan is a month of blessing for Muslims all across the world. Muslims fast and pray during the month of Ramadan to seek forgiveness, blessings, and kindness from Allah Almighty. Muslims all throughout the growth in global in advance for this month. One of the most common tasks is to check the Ramadan timings in advance.

Muslims like to research Ramadan schedules in their respective cities. The geographic location of the city has an influence on the exact Sehr o Iftar timings of each city. Afghanistan Ramadan Timings 2023 are country-specific and based on the lunar calendar. It is confirmed following the announcement of the Ramadan moon.

Afghanistan Ramadan Schedule 2023

Today’s Sehr o Iftar Ramadan Timings in Afghanistan can be found here. Fasting timetable (Roza) and schedule for different Fiqa as Hanafi (Sunni) and Fiqa Jafria in Afghanistan (Shia). Because Holy Ramadan is the month of fasting for all Muslims around the world, and the Sehr o Iftar timing depends on Sunrise Sunset, We provide the Afghanistan Ramadan calendar 2023 with a complete monthly schedule according to cities, and you can get updated sehri o iftari Afghanistan Ramadan calendar 2023.

Looking for a Ramadan calendar 2023 that is designed for both Jafri and Hanafi fiqh. Find the exact fiqa Jafria iftar time, fiqa Hanafi iftar time, fiqa Jafria sehri time, and fiqa Hanafi sehri time. Keep tuned to for Sehr o Iftar Timings this Ramadan.

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