Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Dubai: UAE’s Triumvirate of Safety in Global Rankings

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has once again proven its reputation as a secure and stable place to live and work, with three of its cities – Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Dubai – securing spots among the top five safest cities in the world. This data is based on the rankings provided by Numbeo, a renowned global provider of economic, social, and safety data.

In the first half of 2023, Abu Dhabi was named the world’s safest city, a title it has consistently held since 2022. Following closely behind was Ajman, securing the second spot, while Dubai ranked fifth. The only other city from the region to make it into the top ten was Muscat, which secured the eighth position.

This achievement is not just a testament to the UAE’s commitment to safety but also reflects the confidence of its residents. A recent survey conducted by the Department of Community Development (DCD) revealed that over 93% of Abu Dhabi residents feel safe walking alone at night.

Major General Sheikh Sultan bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police, attributed this high ranking to the importance placed on safety by Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Federal Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman. Sheikh Sultan further emphasized that the country’s high ranking also mirrors the amount of foreign investment it attracts, which is a direct result of its strong safety credentials.

Numbeo regularly publishes data and rankings on various aspects of cities worldwide, including quality of life, crime, healthcare, pollution, and traffic. The inclusion of three UAE cities in the top five safest cities globally is a significant recognition of the country’s efforts to ensure safety and stability for its residents and visitors alike.


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