10 Jannati Sahaba Names (Ashra Mubashra)

Ashra Mubashra is one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who got the news that they would be given Jannah. There are ten sahabah known as Ashra Mubashra who got the news of Jannah in their lives.

What are the names of Ashra Mubashra?

The names of 10 Sahabi famous as Ashra Mubashra

1. Abu Bakar (R.A)
2. Umar Farooq (R.A)
3. Uthman (R.A)
4. Ali (R.A)
5. Talha (R.A)
6. Zubair ibn-e-Awam (R.A)
7. Abu Obaidaibn-al-Jarah (R.A)
8. Abdul Rehmanibn-e-Auf (R.A)
9. Saad ibn-e-Abi Waqas (R.A)
10. Saeed ibn-e-Zaid (R.A)

What are the common traits of Ashra Mubashra?

Common traits of the AsharaMubashara
All the Ashra Mubashraconvertedinto to Muslims in the initial years of Islam.
All Ashra Mubashra made great service to the Prophet and the Islamic cause.
Ashra Mubashira also migrated.
They also took part in the battle of Badr.
They swore loyalty to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) at Hudaibiya.
Many hadith sources also narrated the Ashra Mubashra virtues.

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