Zainab Abbas Departs India Amid World Cup 2023

Zainab Abbas has left India during the World Cup 2023. The International Cricket Council (ICC) had earlier selected Abbas as the presenter for the prestigious event.

The departure was reportedly due to security concerns that arose during her stay in India. According to sources close to Abbas, she faced significant pressure since her arrival in India for the mega cricket event. Her family and broadcaster advised her to leave India to avoid any potential mishaps.

Abbas has now reached Dubai, having taken these precautionary measures in response to the perceived threats.

This move came after a local lawyer filed a case against her for allegedly making anti-Hindu comments on social media eight years ago.

Some sections of the media have claimed that Abbas was deported from India, but this information has not been officially confirmed.

Earlier this month, the ICC announced Abbas as the presenter for the World Cup 2023. Known for her insightful commentary and engaging presentation style, Abbas’ sudden departure has undoubtedly caused a stir in the cricketing world.

As of now, it remains unclear who will replace Abbas as the presenter for the remainder of the World Cup 2023. The ICC has yet to make an official statement regarding this matter.

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