Wordle Answer 301: April 16, 2022 Wordle Solution

The date of April 16, 2022, has been announced for Wordle answer 301. However, today’s solution might be complex for players since a duplicated vowel may require many tries to find. Do you need help? Do you still require help? Continue reading for the Wordle 301 solution.

Wordle, a commonly used word game, is shown to be a wonderful method to put their English language abilities to the test. Every day around midnight, Wordle created a single five-letter word that players must predict within six trials. The Wordle game asks players to guess the five-letter word using color-coded suggestions. When a person selects a word, they will notice green, yellow, and black squares representing different alphabet letters.

The yellow color identifies that the letter is a component of the Wordle word of each day, but the user has put it wrongly. Whenever you see green inside the square, the letter is exactly where it should be. Finally, a grey square indicates that the letters are not a component of each day’s word.


Today’s Wordle 301 answer is CHEEK, which is a feeling of embarrassment or discomfort caused by the awareness of improper or foolish behavior.

The two “E” letters are the major problem of “CHEEK.” With many of these players’ first guesses ignoring duplicated letters since they are ineffective if the word does not contain them, it’s doubtful that both “E” letters will be identified until the game’s latter phases. Fortunately, the “C,” “H,” and “K” were not too unusual and should be easy to find. Having said that, this is clearly a challenging term, and many will fail.


The April 15 Wordle 300 answer has been SHAME. The April 14 Wordle 299 answer has been MINCE. The April 13 Wordle 298 solution was CHUNK, which denotes thick, substantial bits of anything. ROYAL was the Wordle 297 word of the day with the April 12, meaning “having the position of a monarch or queen or a collection of people.” SQUAD was the Wordle 296 word of the day on April 11, BLACK was the Wordle 295 word of the day on April 10, and STAIR was the Wordle 294 word of the day on April 9. The word for Wordle 293 was SCARE, and the Wordle answer of the day with the April 7 was FORAY. Previously, the Wordle 291 answer on April 6 has been ‘COMMA.’ Previous to that, on April 5, Wordle 290 answer has been NATAL. Additionally, Wordle 289 has been SHAWL on April 4.


Wordle is a popular game where you must guess a hidden five-letter word in six attempts. The right guess will color a creates a framework with a single character ‘green.’ If the hidden world contains the letter ‘R.’ Still, your selected world places the letter inside the incorrect block, the character will be highlighted in yellow. If the square continues to grey, that shows the letter does not exist. Wordle will choose the next word of the day every day; therefore, the hidden word will change every day.

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