TP-LINK Router Default Usernames & Passwords

Most TP-LINK routers include an admin username, a default admin password, and a default IP address. These TP-LINK credentials are necessary for login into the web interface of the TP-LINK router to update the settings. However, as some models are not following requirements, you can view them in the following table.  

TP-LINK Router Default Usernames & Passwords
ModelDefault UsernameDefault PasswordDefault IP address
AD7200 (Talon)  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer A5 v5.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer A7  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer A7 v5.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer A9 v6.x  admin192.168.1.1
Archer C1200 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C1200 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C20i  adminadmin
Archer C20 v1.x  adminadmin
Archer C20 v4.x  adminadmin
Archer C20 v5.x  adminadmin
Archer C25 v1.x  adminadmin
Archer C2600 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C28HP  adminadmin
Archer C2 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C2 v3.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C3200  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C50 v1.x  adminadmin
Archer C50 v2.x  adminadmin
Archer C50 v3.x  adminadmin
Archer C50 v4.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C50 v5.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C5400 v1.x  adminadmin
Archer C5400 v2.x  adminadmin
Archer C58 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C59 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C5 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C5 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C5 v4.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C60 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C60 v2.0adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C6 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
Archer C7 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C7 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C7 v3.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C7 v4.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C7 v5.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C8 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C8 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C900 v1.1  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C9 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer C9 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer CR500 v1.x  adminadmin
Archer CR700 v1.x  adminadmin
Archer CR700 v2.x  adminadmin
Archer D50 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
Archer D7 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
Archer D9 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Archer MR200  adminadmin
Archer VR900 v1.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
Archer VR900v (v1.0)  adminadmin192.168.1.1
EAP110-Outdoor v1.x  adminadmin
EAP110 v1.x  adminadmin
EAP110 v4.x  adminadmin
EAP115 v4.x  adminadmin
EAP225-Outdoor  adminadmin
EAP225 v1.x  adminadmin
EAP225 v3.x  adminadmin
EAP245 v1.x  adminadmin
EAP320 v1.x  adminadmin
EAP330 v1.x  adminadmin
Omada EAP225 v3.x  adminadmin
RE210  adminadmin192.168.0.1
RE305  adminadmin
RE350  adminadmin192.168.0.254
RE350K  adminadmin
RE350 V1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.254
RE355  adminadmin
RE370K  adminadmin
RE400  adminadmin
RE450  adminadmin
RE450 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.254
RE500 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.254
RE590T  adminadmin
RE650 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.254
SR20  adminadmin
TC7650  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TC-W7960 v1.0  adminadmin
TD851W v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD851W v2.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD854W  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-8616 v5.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-8817 v3.xadminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-VG3631  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8151N v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8151N v3  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8151N v4  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8900G  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8901G v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8901G v3.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8901G v6.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8901N v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8901N v2  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8901N v3  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8920G  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8951ND v3  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8951ND v4  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8951ND v5  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8951ND v6  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8960N v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8960N v3.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8960N v4.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8960N v5.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8961NB v3.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8961ND v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8961ND v2.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8961ND v3.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8968 v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8968 v2  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8968 v3  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8970 v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8970 v3  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W8980 v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W89841N  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W89841N v4.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W9970 v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W9970 v2  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W9977  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TD-W9980 v1.x  adminadmin
TL-ER604W  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-MR3040 v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-MR3040 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-MR3220 v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-MR3220 v2  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-MR3420 v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-MR3420 v2  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-R402M v4.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-R450 v4.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WA500G  adminadmin192.168.1.254
TL-WA501G v2.22  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WA5110G v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.254
TL-WA5110G v2.x  adminadmin192.168.1.254
TL-WA5210G  adminadmin192.168.1.254
TL-WA730RE v1  adminadmin192.168.1.254
TL-WA730RE v2  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA750RE v1.xadminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA7510N v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.254
TL-WA801ND v1adminadmin192.168.1.254
TL-WA801ND v2  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA801ND v3  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA801ND v4  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA801ND v5  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA830RE v1  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA830RE v2adminadmin
TL-WA850RE v1.x  adminadmin
TL-WA860RE v1.x  adminadmin
TL-WA890EA  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA901ND v3.x  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WA901ND v4.x  adminadmin
TL-WA901ND v5.x  adminadmin
TL-WDR3300  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WDR3500  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WDR3600  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WDR4300  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WDR4310  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WDR4900 v1  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WDR4900 v2  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WDR7500 v2.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WDR7500 v6.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WDR7660  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WPA4220  adminadmin172.10.10.1
TL-WPA4220 v3  adminadmin
TL-WPA4220 v4  adminadmin
TL-WPA7510  adminadmin
TL-WPA7510 v2.x  adminadmin
TL-WPA8630  adminadmin
TL-WPA8630P  adminadmin
TL-WPA8630 v2adminadmin
TL-WPA8730  adminadmin
TL-WPA9610 v1.x  adminadmin
TL-WR1041N v2  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR1042ND  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR1043ND v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR1043ND v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR1043ND v3.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR1043ND v4.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR1043N v5.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR1045ND  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR2543ND v1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR340 v1.3  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR340 v2.2  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR340 v2.3  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR340 v4.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR541G v6.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR541G v7.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR542G v6.5  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR641G v3.4  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR642G v3.5  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR642G v3.6  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR700N  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WR702N v1.0  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WR702N v1.2  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WR703N v1.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR710N v1.0  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WR740N v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR740N v2.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR740N v3.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR740N v4.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR740N v5.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR740N v6.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR741ND v1.6  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR741ND v1.9  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR741ND v2.4  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR741ND v4.3  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR743ND v1.1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR745N v1.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR810N v1.1  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WR810N v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.254
TL-WR840N v1  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR840N v2  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR840N v3  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR840N v4  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR840N v5  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR840N v6  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841HP  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841HP v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841HP v3.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841HP v5.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841ND v10.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841ND v11.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841ND v3.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR841ND v5.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR841ND v7.1  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR841ND v7.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR841ND v8.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841ND v9.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841N v13.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841N v14.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841N v7.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR841N v8.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR841N v9.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR842ND v1.x  adminadmin
TL-WR842ND v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR842N v3.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR843ND  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR845N  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR845N v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR845N v3  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR845N v3.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR847N  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR849N(BR) v4.0  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR849N(BR) v6.0  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR882N v1.x
TL-WR886N v1.x
TL-WR940N v1.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR940N v2.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR940N v3.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR940N v4.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR940N v6.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR941HP v1.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR941ND v1.0  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR941ND v2.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR941ND v3.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR941ND v4.x  adminadmin192.168.1.1
TL-WR941ND v5.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
TL-WR941ND v6.x  adminadmin192.168.0.1
Touch P5  adminadmin192.168.0.1

The default factory-set password exists in all TP-LINK routers that can be retrieved following the steps below.   You need to reset the 30-30-30 to the following if you want to reset your TP-LINK router to factory default:  

  • Press reset button for 30 seconds if your TP-LINK router is switched on.
  • When the reset button is pushed, disconnect the router power and hold the reset button 30 seconds longer.
  • Turn the power to the device again and hold for 30 seconds while the reset button is still holding down.

  Your TP-LINK router is now reset to its new user settings. See the above table to check (most likely admin) for these settings.

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