Today Cement Rate in Pakistan 2023

The cement rates in Pakistan have been reported across various brands. These brands include prominent names such as DG Cement, Lucky Cement, Maple Leaf Cement, Bestway Cement, Fauji Cement, Kohat Cement, Attock Cement, PakCem, Askari Cement, Pioneer, Flying Cement, Power Cement, and Cherat Cement.

Today Cement Rate in Pakistan 2023

The cost of cement in Pakistan is influenced by several factors, including the cost of raw materials like limestone, clay, and gypsum, transportation expenses, brand reputation and quality, market demand and supply dynamics, economic conditions, government regulations, and taxation. These elements contribute to the variability in cement prices, which can impact construction project budgets.

S No.BrandPrice Range (Rs.)
1DG Cement1,195-1,200
2Lucky Cement1,190-1,200
3Maple Leaf Cement1,190-1,200
4Maple Leaf White Cement (40KG)1,850-1,900
5Bestway Cement1,200-1,205
6Fauji Cement1,190-1,200
7Kohat Cement1,195-1,200
8Attock Cement1,195-1,200
10Askari Cement1,195
12Flying Cement1,200-1,196
13Power Cement1,190-1,195
14Cherat Cement1,195-1,190

For individuals or businesses involved in construction, staying updated on the latest cement prices is crucial for accurate financial planning and resource allocation. To keep abreast of current cement rates, consumers can inquire with local retailers, and construction material suppliers, or check online platforms that provide real-time price updates.

The prices mentioned are specific and may vary from the actual company rates. For those looking to purchase cement, it is advisable to confirm the current prices as they can change due to the aforementioned factors.

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