TikTok Working on Synced With Social App Lemon8

ByteDance is reportedly in the process of integrating its popular video-sharing platform with Lemon8, another social media platform under its ownership. This development was revealed by product intelligence firm Watchful.ai, which noted that the collaboration would allow users to synchronize their posts from Lemon8 onto TikTok.

The integration will not only enable cross-posting but also enhance user experience by allowing them to embellish their posts with sounds and music using TikTok’s editing tools. However, despite numerous inquiries, TikTok has yet to comment on this development.

Lemon8, a lifestyle-oriented social network launched in March 2020, saw a significant increase in popularity on the App Store earlier this year. This surge was largely due to discussions among U.S. lawmakers about a potential ban or forced sale of TikTok. ByteDance had previously compensated creators to promote Lemon8 on TikTok, a strategic move aimed at establishing a U.S. user base for Lemon8.

There are speculations that ByteDance may have plans to position Lemon8 as a replacement for TikTok should a U.S. ban be implemented. The proposed cross-posting feature could potentially boost Lemon8’s visibility and stimulate wider adoption. However, the timeline and certainty of this feature’s introduction remain unclear.

As of now, Lemon8 has approximately 25 million global downloads, according to data from market intelligence firm data.ai. Its primary markets include Thailand (36% of installations), Japan (24%), Indonesia (21%), Malaysia (7.2%), and the United States (7%).

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