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TDS is an abbreviation for Tax Deducted at Source. It is a sort of tax that is deducted by the payer while making a payment to the recipient and paid to the government on the recipient’s behalf. TDS is deducted from different types of income in India, including salary, interest, rent, commission, and others, and is controlled by the Income Tax Act of 1961. TDS is intended to ensure regular tax payment and to lessen the burden of tax payment on the taxpayer.

Who is responsible for deducting TDS?

TDS must be deducted by the person or organization making the payment. For example, an employer can take TDS from an employee’s income, or a bank may deduct TDS from the interest generated on a fixed deposit.

What are the different types of payments that are subject to TDS?

TDS is charged on a number of payments, including salary, interest, rent, commission, professional fees, and others.

What is the rate of TDS?

TDS rates vary based on the type of payment and the recipient’s income. The Income Tax Act of 1961 establishes the rates, which are subject to change from time to time.

How is TDS calculated?

TDS is deducted as a proportion of the overall payment. For instance, if the TDS rate is 10% and the payment is Rs. 10,000, the TDS deducted is Rs. 1,000.

How can I check if TDS has been deducted from my income?

You can check the status of your TDS deduction by going into your account on the Income Tax Department’s website or by checking your Form 26AS.

Can I claim a refund of TDS?

Yes, you can apply for a TDS refund if the TDS deducted exceeds the actual tax amount. This can be done by filing an income tax return.

What happens if TDS is not deducted?

If TDS is not deducted on time, the payer may be subject to penalties and interest.

Can TDS be reduced or waived?

Yes, if the beneficiary presents the payer with a valid certificate from the Income Tax Department, such as a certificate of non-deduction or lesser deduction, TDS can be lowered or waived.

TDS has many abbreviations such as:

  • TDS stands for Medical: ter die sumendus
  • TDS stands for Water: Total Dissolved Solids
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