What are Surah Kahf Benefits and Importance?

Surah Kahf is the 18th chapter of the Quran, and it has 110 verses in parah number 15. It is Makki Surah that tells us about individuals who face social hardship because they accept the truth and pray to Allah for protection, and he protects them in a cave by a metaphorical sleep rest for centuries.

What are Surah Kahf Benefits and Importance?

Surah Kahf is the 18th Surah of the Quran and is found in Para 15 of the Quran. It consists of 110 verses and 12 rukus (Ayaat). Every Muslim should make it a practice to read Surah Kahf on a regular basis since it helps one to confess sins, get Allah’s blessings, and prepared for the end of days.

Hadith about Surah Kahf benefits and Importance

The 18th chapter of the Quran, Surah Kahf in para, contains several advantages and importance that are mentioned in Prophet Muhammad’s hadith (P.B.U.H).

Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri said: “Whoever reads Soorat al-Kahf on the night of Jumu’ah, will have a light that will stretch between him and the Ancient House (the Kabah).” And according to another hadith “One who memorized the first ten verses of Surah Al Kahf will be safe against the Dajjal. (Sahih Muslim)

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