Surah Araf Benefits Or Fazilat

A’raf is a high place. When considering Surah Araf ki fazilat, there is information about A’raf in verse 46, which is a very high position between heaven and hell. It is for this reason that it is known as Surah Araf. There are multiple benefits to Surah Araf.

Surah Araf consists of 24 Rukus and 206 Ayahs. The most important element of Surah Araf ki fazilat is that it is the largest Meccan Surah and was revealed at Mecca. Five of its ayahs, however, celebrated outside of Mecca. In terms of Surah Araf benefits, the main theme of this surah is that it describes the events related to the Holy Prophets (Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Them) and the fate of the nations that deny them so that people in the modern times might be scared, encouraged to believe and do good. In addition, the basic tenets of Islam, such as Allah’s oneness, existence, revelation and Prophethood, resurrection after death, and reward for one’s deeds, are discussed in depth in this surah.

Surah Araf Benefits

Surah Araf benefits are visible from different hadiths and narrations. Imam Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya narrated that whoever recited these 20 Aayat, I guarantee that Allah will protect him from every type of tyrant ruler, rebellious devil, harmful beast, and obstinate thief. (These Aayat are) Aayat Al-Kursi (2:255), the three Aayat from Surah Al-Aaraf (7:54-56), the first ten Aayat of Surah As-Saaffat (37:1-10), the three verses of surah Ar-Rahman (55:33-35) and the last three Aayat of Surah Al-Hashr (59:22-24).

Another hadith about Surah Araf’s benefits is narrated from Hazrat Ubayy ibn Ka’b (Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him) which highlights Surah Araf ki fazilat. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said that whoever recites Surah Al-A’raf, Allah will set a curtain between him and Satan and, on the Day of Judgment, Hazrat Adam (Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him) will be his intercessor.

Surah Araf Ki Fazilat

There are several hadiths related to Surah Araf ki fazilat. According to Bibi Ayesha Siddiqah (Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Her), the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said that whoever memorizes and keeps reciting the first seven surahs of the Qur’an will get a large reward. Surah Araf is one of these Surahs. Bibi Ayesha (Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Her) also said that the Prophet of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) recited Surat Al-A’raf at Maghrib, splitting it into two rak’ahs.

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