Sukkur IBA University Announces Shortlist for MBA Case Study Program 2023 Phase II

Sukkur IBA University has once again showcased its commitment to meritocracy, transparency, and technological innovation through the successful conclusion of its admissions process for the esteemed MBA Program 2 years for the year 2023 Phase II. The university’s Department of Business Administration has set a benchmark in higher education with its rigorous selection process, which included a written exam and interviews.

The written exam held on July 23, 2023, was the first step in assessing the candidates’ knowledge, aptitude, and analytical skills. This allowed the university to shortlist candidates who demonstrated the potential to thrive in the challenging academic environment that Sukkur IBA University is known for.

Sukkur IBA University Announces Shortlist for MBA Case Study Program 2023 Phase II

Following the written exam, the interview phase took place on August 02, 2023. This crucial step provided an opportunity for the candidates to display their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and alignment with the program’s objectives. The interviews were conducted by a panel of experienced faculty members who meticulously evaluated each candidate’s suitability for the MBA program.

In line with the university’s dedication to efficiency, the final results were announced on the same day as the interviews. This approach not only reflects the university’s respect for the candidates’ time but also demonstrates the adept integration of technology into the admissions process, streamlining procedures and reducing uncertainty.

The list of selected candidates for the MBA Program 2 years 2023 Phase II is a testament to academic prowess and potential. Each candidate earned their place through a combination of their performance in the written exam, their demeanor during the interview, and their alignment with the program’s values and goals. The selected candidates include Versha Rani, Kelash Kataria, Mariyam Saeed, Bisharat Un Nisa, Nisar Ahmed, Summaya Rasheed Jumani, Moomal Shaikh, Mansoor Arif Mahar, and Kamran Ali Abbasi.

As the university prepares to welcome these selected candidates into its prestigious MBA Program, it does so with the confidence that they have been chosen not only for their academic aptitude but also for their potential to contribute positively to the university’s academic community and, in the future, to the broader business landscape.

The Department of Business Administration at Sukkur IBA University has once again exemplified its commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow through a rigorous, fair, and technologically advanced admissions process. The university’s SIBA Testing Services have emerged as a model for other educational institutions, showcasing how technology can enhance transparency, expedite results, and ensure that only the most meritorious candidates are granted the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits.


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