Silver Price in Pakistan Today

Today’s silver price in Pakistan per 10 gram is Rs. 2114., while the silver price for each tola is Rs. 2466. Chandi Rates are updated regularly from the Saraf market.

Current Silver Rates

Pakistan Silver Rates
Silver 10 GramsRs. 2114
Silver 1 TolaRs. 2466

Today Silver Prices In Cities Of Pakistan

City10 GramsPer Tola
KarachiRs. 2114Rs. 2466
HyderabadRs. 2114Rs. 2466
LahoreRs. 2114Rs. 2466
MultanRs. 2114Rs. 2466
IslamabadRs. 2114Rs. 2466
FaisalabadRs. 2114Rs. 2466
RawalpindiRs. 2114Rs. 2466
QuettaRs. 2114Rs. 2466

Silver Rate in Pakistan Today

Silver is another precious piece of jewelry famous worldwide in Pakistan. Therefore, if you seek Silver Prices in Pakistan, you can quickly and conveniently discover them from our website because it can supply its readers with the correct and ideal Chandi Rate in Pakistan. The page constantly updated its material regarding Silver prices in Pakistan.

Silver Rate in Pakistan

Another valuable metal alongside Gold is silver. Though the value of silver was nowhere approaching Gold provided the strength of its wide variety of uses, the significance of silver could not be turned a blind eye to. Moreover, the cost difference between silver and Gold is significant, which is one of the causes why many ordinary-income individuals prefer purchasing or trading in silver.

Besides that, some individuals consider silver more attractive or eye-striking than Gold. With shifting design trends, silver jewelry became somewhat of a marriage fashion item in Pakistan that prompting a fantastic surge in buying silver rings.

One could believe that silver is accessible in the jewelry that one can buy or trade, but no, you are not just confined to having ownership of silver in the form of jewelry; there are other types of silver investment as well.

For example, silver is accessible in bars, medals, or precious metals that one may acquire from investing in the most prominent commodities market in the United States, Europe, Japan, and London. Of course, you could also acquire or trade silver in the marketplace, but you could or might not obtain the most significant discounts on your money.

About Silver

Silver is a valuable metal followed by Gold; individuals have extensively utilized it for many purposes, usually used for jewelry and investment. The price of silver is smaller in comparison with the gold price. That is why people chose silver rather than Gold. It is soft and simple to break into thin sheets and readily bends to be efficiently utilized for many applications.

History of Silver

The background of the sliver is traced back to 300 B.C., but at that period, the very first silver mining was uncovered in Turkey, Anatolian; after that, it was also identified in Greece. In the early period, it was heavily employed as a source of cash, and some countries used this as their country’s currency. However, with time, silver grew more famous, and today, silver is provided around the world. Even it is predicted that each year the manufacturing of silver increased by up to 120 million.

Today Silver Rate in Pakistan

The Chandi Price in Pakistan is decided by the Uk Bullion Market Association which established the Sliver Price in Pakistan. However, the Chandi Price in Pakistan has not been steady and not defined because of different causes like; economic situation, availability of sliver, political situation, and so on.

It suggests that anytime the country is experiencing financial crises or political failures, the silver price constantly rises significantly. Besides that, the gold price is also commonly linked with silver prices in Pakistan; therefore, anytime the gold rate increases, the silver price will atomically increase.

If we had spoken about the present condition, the Sliver Rate in Pakistan would constantly be at a better level when compared with other nations’ price lists. However, the Chandi Price in Pakistan is smaller than the Gold Price in Pakistan. Moreover, these are among the aspects that may directly affect the Sliver Rates in Pakistan Per Tola.

Today Chandi Rate in Pakistan

Thereby, it is vital to keep on looking at the Silver Price in Pakistan such that you should know the economic scenario and may acquire the silver. In this respect, WikiTechLibrary delivers live and latest Silver Prices in Pakistan Per Kg inside one tola Silver Rate in Pakistan; thus, you can soon figure and comprehend Silver Prices in Pakistan Per Tola through this one online website.

Factors Impacting Silver Rate in Pakistan

  • The availability of silver is limited in the region then. Therefore, the silver price is always high.
  • Financial stability or volatility would also directly affect the cost of chandi in the region, indicating that when economic conditions are good, then silver prices will be dropped. On the other hand, if Pakistan had experienced a financial recession, the cost would rise.
  • Changing the Gold price, the chandi price likewise transforms.
  • The political situations also directly impact the price of silver.
  • Adjustments in USD currency also affect the pricing.

The above-stated are some of the primary reasons the price of silver is immediately under effect.

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