Top 5 Secret Websites for Students

Students are bored during this epidemic, so now is an excellent opportunity to pick up some new skills and read about the Top 10 Secret Websites for Students.  

Top 5 Secret Websites for Students

1. Google Scholar

There are times when students cannot find something on Google because no matched searches have been found. Google Scholar will allow students to find the specific question or text they’re looking for. In addition to collecting scholarly literature across some publishing formats and topics, Google Scholar is available for free on the Internet.  

It’s an excellent resource for students or anyone who wants to learn more about literature.  


For students, is also a great resource. Furthermore, it provides solutions for various topics, including math questions and chemistry, physics, and biology. Students can get answers to their questions very quickly on this website.   It was developed by WolframAlpha LLC, a subsidiary of Wolfram Research.  


Time to learn some new skills and knowledge. With the help of this popular website, students may study the languages of other nations. To successfully communicate with others, many students want to study abroad and pursue a job overseas.  

In addition to its online and mobile apps, Duolingo now offers a digital language proficiency exam. There is no charge for the app or the website; however, a premium service is available for a subscription.  


You should delete your social media account if you are tired of receiving notifications. But how? Follow the instructions provided on this website to deactivate your account quickly.  


Your typing skills will be improved by visiting yet another fantastic website! As we all know, we live in a digital world, and typing is an important skill. Therefore, typing should be a requirement for students who want to work part-time or even full-time.   Log In allows you to create an account and track your progress.  


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