Rs 1500 Prize Bond List Draw 95 Peshawar Result – 15 August 2023

The results of Rs 1500 Prize Bond List Draw 95 Result Peshawar 15 August 2023 have been announced. The lucky draw took place in Peshawar on August 15, 2023. This information is readily available online for those interested in checking their luck.

The National Bank of Pakistan, in collaboration with the State Bank, conducted the balloting for the Rs. 1500 Prize Bonds. The first prize, a whopping sum of 3,000,000 PKR, was awarded to one fortunate winner. The second prize, an impressive amount of 1,000,000 PKR, was distributed among three lucky winners. Furthermore, the third and final prize of 18,500 PKR each was given to 1696 winners.

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This draw is part of a larger series, with the full denomination list of Rs. 1500 prize bond from the first draw to the latest draw available on the official website or online. The results of the Rs. 1500 prize bond list as of August 15, 2023, are also available as per the schedule provided by the National Bank of Pakistan.

The Rs. 1500 Prize Bond draws are a popular form of investment and a chance at fortune for many in Pakistan. With regular draws and substantial prizes, they continue to attract a large number of participants. As we look forward to the upcoming draws, we congratulate the winners of Draw #95 and wish future participants the best of luck.

Bond Worth City Date First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Rs 1500 Peshawar 15-08-2023 3,000,000 PKR 1,000,000 PKR 18,500 PKR

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