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How to Renew Islamabad Driving License in 2023

Most of us are unaware that our licenses have expired when we have a problem just on the road. However, renewing it in Islamabad is not difficult and takes only a few minutes. Just one incident will encourage you not to hold off renewing the license again. This post will show you how to renew your driving license in Islamabad and the documents you’ll need.

Validity of Islamabad Driving License

A driver’s license is typically valid for 3 to 5 years. However, it is necessary to renew it on time to prevent unpleasant conditions.


The good part about having your license renewed is that you won’t have to retake the driving test. The only condition is that certain documents be provided.

You could renew your license in two ways: visiting a licensed center or applying online.

Renew Islamabad Driving License

You could schedule an appointment with traffic police available on the internet. However, the online portal only provides limited appointments per day, and the walk-in token system is another option.

Here is how to do

  • Go to the Traffic Police station of Islamabad, provide your CNIC card at the reception desk, and receive a token.
  • Continue with the biometric authentication and have your photo taken.
  • Take your turn, then proceed to the counter and complete the form provided.
  • Attach the necessary documents with the form before submitting it.
  • Fee submission: You will be required to pay Rs. 1,149 after a year from the expiration date, or Rs. 1,949 after 1 to 3 years. After 3 years, the candidate must additionally take driving and theoretical tests and pay Rs. 4,649.
  • The person will provide you with a verification slip with the license receiving date when you have completed the fee process.
  • Go to the license center on the appointed day to get your license.

Required Documents

  • Medical document. That’s Form-B, which you could get from the ITP portal.
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • You must provide two copies of the CNIC.
  • The candidate must also have the original driver’s license on hand.

Importance of a Valid License

Driving without a license is illegal, and you would be held responsible for any accidents that occur as a result. Therefore, your license renewal is essential, and it is no longer difficult. If you apply at the ITP office or online, the method is extremely easy.

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