PSL 8 Tickets Booking Online 2023

Here are the prices and online availability for PSL Tickets 2023. The website also offers free PSL passes. Just share this post to your friends and relatives. Online ticket sales begin today.

The Pakistan Cricket Board announced the price of PSL 8 tickets today. Prices are shown below.

  • Ticket price for Group Stage Matches is 650.
  • Most expensive ticket is 15000.

The Pakistan Super League will run from February 13 to March 19, 2023, hence this would be the first PSL session held in Pakistan. Many fans looked for how to buy online PSL tickets before the event began.

PSL 8 tickets can be purchased online in Pakistan through TCS. The PSL 8 Ticket Prices are listed. Tickets can be purchased at the PCB office website. Begin purchasing at 11 a.m.

PSL 8 Ticket 2023 Price – Karachi Stadium

With the availability of different internet booking options, purchasing PSL 8 tickets for Karachi matches has become much easier. There are several platforms that allow individuals to purchase their tickets at the stadium and enjoy the great experience of a live cricket match in a simple and secure way.

The following is a list of PSL 2023 tickets for Karachi matches.

psl 8 tickets karachi

PSL 8 Ticket 2023 Price – Multan Stadium

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) returns in 2023 for its eighth season! The tournament’s opening ceremony will be place in Multan this time, and supporters from all around the country are already excited. You can enjoy cricket like no before with PSL 8 tickets for Multan matches! Prepare to see some of the top players from around the world compete on the field.

The following is a pricing list for PSL 8 tickets for Multan matches:

psl 8 tickets 2023 1

PSL 8 Ticket 2023 Price – Rawalpindi Stadium

PSL tickets for Rawalpindi matches are becoming increasingly popular. Fans from all around Pakistan are expected to attend the thrilling and entertaining matches in Rawalpindi. Fans can easily purchase tickets for the upcoming event via advanced booking services.

The following is a list of PSL 8 ticket prices for Rawalpindi matches:

psl 8 tickets

PSL 8 Ticket 2023 Price – Lahore Stadium

Fans can now get tickets for the PSL 8 Lahore matches with ease and comfort. They can select from a variety of solutions based on their budget and interests. Fans will no need to worry about losing out on any amazing cricketing action in 2023 due to these early booking solutions!

The following is a price list for PSL tickets for Lahore matches, including playoffs:

psl 8 tickets 2023 lahore

Opening ceremony Tickets – Multan Cricket Stadium

The first match will take place on February 13, 2023, at Multan Cricket Stadium. Start purchasing at 11 a.m.

  • VIP – 6000pkr (Imran Khan, Fazal Mahmood)
  • Premium – 3000pkr (Zaheer Abbad, Javed Miandad)
  • First Class – 2000pkr (Elahi, Wasim Akram)
  • General – 1000pkr (Hanif Mohammad, Mushtaq Ahmed)
Enclosure TypePrice
VIPRs. 6000
PremiumRs. 3000
First ClassRs. 2000
GeneralRs. 1000
HospitalityRs. 18000

PSL 8 Season Passes

The PSL 8 season is almost arriving, and you can now purchase special edition season passes! We are pleased to announce the availability of 2023 PSL tickets as the official ticket provider of the Pakistan Super League.

These season passes allow unique access to all PSL 8 matches, as well as special bonuses like as product discounts, freebies, and more. So don’t pass up this wonderful opportunity to see all of the action live from your favourite venues. Get your hands on these limited edition tickets immediately and join us on this thrilling adventure!

For the first time, the HBL PSL offers a season pass! Tickets go on sale tomorrow, February 4, 2023, at 11 a.m.

Here is the PSL 8 Passes Prices details for Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

How to buy PSL 8 Tickets 2023

Do you plan to watch Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches in 2023? Then you must understand how to get PSL Tickets for 2023! Purchasing PSL 2023 tickets can be simple, especially if you are aware of all the steps needed. From selecting the best seat for your needs and budget to understanding the laws and regulations governing ticket purchases.

Buying PSL Tickets 2023 is now easy than ever, due to the availability of internet platforms and ticketing providers. You may now book your tickets from your mobile device or computer at any time and from any location.

Here’s how to purchase PSL Tickets 2023 so you don’t miss out on the excitement!

Buy PSL 8 Tickets 2023

PSL 8 tickets may well be purchased online through the website, which is the official online ticket booking partner of the Pakistan Super League. You just need the following things.


CNIC Number

Active Mobile Number

On a single CNIC, a user can purchase up to six tickets. The information on the CNIC, such as name and address, should match the information on the CNIC. The holder of the ticket must bring the original CNIC with him/her before entering the stadium.

So, hopefully, you now know how to get PSL tickets online.

Buy PSL Tickets

Here are the prices and online availability for PSL Tickets 2023. Free PSL passes may also be purchased at the website We are only sharing this post with you to provide information on how to get PSL match tickets online. Online ticket sales begin on January 24, 2023.

PSL 8 Final Tickets Price

The price of tickets for each stadium and enclosure varies depending on the kind of event and the day. The Pakistan Super League 2023 will be held this year at two main stadiums: National Stadium Karachi and Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. The prices for each stadium with enclosures are shown below.

Enclosure TypePrice
VIPRs. 7000
PremiumRs. 4000
First ClassRs. 2500
GeneralRs. 1200
HospitalityRs. 18000
PCB GalleryRs. 22000

How can I buy PSL tickets?

You can buy PSL tickets through the official website that are official ticket partner of Pakistan Super League.

Is it safe to buy PSL tickets online?

Yes, it is safe to buy PSL tickets online if you purchase them through the PSL partner official website

Can I buy PSL tickets at stadium on match day?

Yes, you can buy PSL tickets at the stadium on match day, but it is advisable to buy tickets in advance to avoid queues and ensure availability.

Is there a limit to the number of PSL tickets I can buy?

You can buy 6 tickets only on a single CNIC number.

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