PPSC Technologist Pathology Recruitment 2023 Merit List

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) in Lahore is currently in the process of recruiting candidates for the position of Technologist Pathology within the Punjab Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department. The recruitment process began with candidates submitting their applications and participating in the PPSC Technologist written exams 2023. The results of these exams have been released, indicating which candidates have qualified.

Those who passed the written exams were then invited to participate in the PPSC Technologist Interview for 2023. After a series of interviews, the outcomes of the PPSC Technologist Interview 2023 have been made public.

PPSC Technologist Pathology Recruitment 2023 Merit List

The PPSC has compiled a Merit List for the Technologist Pathology Recruitment 2023, which showcases the candidates who have met the criteria for appointment. This list can be accessed on the official PPSC website. All the qualified candidates have been recommended by the PPSC for recruitment to the advertised positions, marking a significant step in their professional journey as Technologists in the field of Pathology.

Download Merit List Here

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