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List of Postal / Zip Codes of GPOs of Palandri

This post contains a comprehensive list of Palandri GPO Postcodes, ZIP Codes, and Postal codes. Palandri Shipping Post Office or Non-Delivery Post Office Names and Palandri Connected Branches Offices Post Codes are included in this list.

What is the Zip Code?

Zone Improvement Plan ZIP Code represents a country’s geographic name. It is typed in all capital letters to imply that emails went faster (and effectively) because code is included in the postal address.

To make sorting mail easier, a series of five or nine numbers are applied to a postal address. Search your city, address, and state to find a ZIP Code. A city and state by town or state ZIP code search is another option.

Palandri GPO POSTAL / Zip Code Details
Palandri GPO Postcode Type  Delivery Palandri GPO Post office
Palandri GPO Postal Code  12010
Area Name Palandri GPO  
Post Office Name General Post Office
Palandri GPO Post Office Type Main GPO
Post office Address General Post Office Rawalakot-Muzaffarabad Rd,
Rawalakot Cantt, Rawalakot, AJK
Tehsil Rawalkot
District Rawalkot
City Code RAZ
Palandri GPO Latitude 33.8666632
Palandri GPO Longitude 73.7666636
Province Azad Kashmir
Country Pakistan
Pakistan ISO Code 2 Digits: PK , 3 Digits : PAK

For automatic postal sorting to a specific post office or address, a five-digit code called a PostCode is often used in Pakistan. Zipcodes and postal codes are sometimes known as postcodes.

List of Palandri Postal Code or Zip Code

Postal Code Delivery Post Office Province Attached Branch Offices Post Code 12000 AZAD PATTAN Azad Kashmir12001 12100 BAITHAK BAZAR Azad Kashmir12101 12120 BALOCH Azad Kashmir12121 12030 BARAL Azad Kashmir12031 12060 DEWAN SHARIF GORAH Azad Kashmir12061 12150 GALA KANIYATA Azad Kashmir12151 12070 NALIAN Azad Kashmir12071 12130 PAKHONAR Azad Kashmir12131 12010 PALANDRI GPO Azad Kashmir12011 12090 QILLAN Azad Kashmir12091 12110 RAHIMABAD Azad Kashmir12111 12014 TAHLIAN Azad Kashmir12015 12080 TARAR KHEL Azad Kashmir12081

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