Pakistan Railways Unveils New Train Timings

Pakistan Railways has announced changes to the schedules of several passenger trains. This move is part of an effort to enhance public convenience and streamline railway operations.

The revised schedule affects two key passenger trains, namely the Allama Iqbal Express and the Shaheen Passenger. According to a spokesperson for Pakistan Railways, the Allama Iqbal Express, which operates from Karachi Cantt to Sialkot, will now depart at 3:30 PM instead of the previous time of 2:15 PM. The train is expected to reach its destination in Sialkot by 6 PM the following day.

Similarly, the Shaheen Passenger, which runs between Sialkot and Wazirabad, will also see a change in its departure time. The train will now leave its station an hour later than its previous schedule.

In addition to these changes, the train that used to depart from Sialkot at 6 PM will now leave at 7 PM and is expected to arrive in Wazirabad at 8:05 PM.

These changes follow last month’s announcement of an updated winter timetable by Pakistan Railways, which came into effect on October 15. As part of this update, the administration introduced a new stop for the Pakistan Express (45 Up) at the Khairpur Railway Station.

Furthermore, several temporary stops were made permanent for trains including the Allama Iqbal Express (9 Up/10 Dn) and Quetta Express. Both these trains will now make stops at the Lodhran Railway Station and Toba Tek Singh Railway Station, respectively.

These revisions are part of Pakistan Railways’ ongoing efforts to improve its services and cater to the needs of the public more effectively. The new schedules are expected to provide passengers with more flexibility and convenience in planning their journeys.

Rashid Mehmood

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