Multan Board SSC Sir EP Moon/Board 2022 Scholarships

The BISE Multan has announced the Sir EP Moon/Board Scholarships for 2022. These scholarships are specifically designed to support orphan students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their Matric class annual exams. The scholarships will be provided every month at a rate of Rs. 500.

The board has taken measures to ensure transparency and accessibility in the scholarship process. Detailed information about the scholarships, including the list of recipients, is available online. This allows eligible students to easily access the information they need to claim this valuable opportunity.

Multan Board SSC Sir EP Moon 2022 Scholarships

The Sir EP Moon/Board Scholarships are part of the board’s commitment to supporting deserving students and providing them with the resources they need to succeed in their academic pursuits. By making the scholarships available to orphan students, the board is helping to level the playing field and give these students a fair chance at achieving their educational goals.


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