Matric, Intermediate Passing Marks to be Increased to 40 Percent Across Pakistan

All education boards in Pakistan have unanimously decided to raise the passing marks for matriculation and intermediate exams from 33 to 40 percent. This decision aligns with the Federal Board’s initiative to increase the passing threshold.

The decision was made during a recent two-day meeting attended by officials from all education boards. The new policy stipulates that students will not be promoted to the next grade if they fail more than two subjects. This move is expected to encourage students to strive for a broader understanding of all subjects rather than focusing on a select few.

In addition to the increased passing marks, the committee also agreed to make Quran study compulsory for Matric and Inter students. This decision underscores the importance of religious studies in the country’s education system.

The chairmen of the boards further decided to introduce a uniform result card across Pakistan, aiming to standardize the evaluation process and ensure fairness. However, the implementation of these changes will delay the examination schedule, moving it from March-April to May-June.

In another significant decision, the board members agreed to appoint the Chairman of the Inter-board Sports Committee, highlighting the importance of sports in the holistic development of students.

These sweeping changes are expected to bring about a significant improvement in the quality of education in Pakistan, encouraging students to strive for higher academic achievement. However, they also present a challenge to students who will now have to work harder to meet the increased passing criteria.


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