How to Know Gold is Real

Gold is an expensive metal that has been used as money and a valued commodity for thousands of years. However, with the rise of fake or counterfeit gold in the market, it’s important to understand how to tell if gold is genuine. Here are a few methods for determining the authenticity of gold:

Magnet Test

Pure gold is not magnetic. If a magnet attracts your gold jewelry, it is most likely not made of real gold.

Acid Test

A simple acid test can help evaluate gold purity. An acid testing kit can be purchased from a jeweler or online. Put a drop of acid on the gold and see what happens. If the gold melts in the acid, it is not genuine.

Weight and Size

The weight and density of real gold are fixed. You may weigh your gold jewelry or coin using a jeweler’s scale. It is most likely not real if it weighs less than it should for its size.


Most pure gold objects bear a hallmark or stamp indicating the purity of the gold. In the United States, for example, real gold jewelry is stamped with a “14k” or “18k” stamp, signifying the quantity of gold in the item.

Sound Test

When real gold is hit, it produces a unique sound. Tap the gold item with a metal object to hear a unique ringing sound. If the sound sounds dull, it is possible that it is not real.

What is the easiest way to test if gold is real?

A magnet is the most basic way for deciding whether or not gold is real. Because real gold is not magnetic, if a magnet attracts it, it is most likely not made of real gold.

Can acid damage real gold?

If the gold is not real, acid may damage it. Real gold will not be damaged by acid. Acid testing can aid in determining the purity of gold.

Is it safe to do an acid test at home?

If you follow the directions properly, performing an acid test at home is typically safe. For accurate results, it is advised that you seek the advice of an able jeweler or gold dealer.

Can fake gold have a hallmark or stamp?

Yes, fake gold may have a hallmark or stamp. However, the hallmark or stamp may be inaccurate or may be missing important information, such as gold purity.

What should I do if I suspect my gold is not real?

If you feel your gold is fake, see a respected jeweler or gold dealer. They can run tests on your gold and offer you reliable information regarding its authenticity.


Magnet testing, acid tests, weight and size measures, hallmark checks, and sound tests are all methods for determining the authenticity of gold. When purchasing gold, it is important to use caution and seek the advice of a reputable jeweler or gold dealer.

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