How to Apply for Bahrain Visa Online from Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani national planning to visit the Kingdom of Bahrain for tourism or business, it is essential to secure a visa for your trip. Fortunately, Bahrain has simplified this process by introducing an Evisa service through its Ministry of Interior, Nationality, Passport, and Residence Affairs (NPRA). This article provides a detailed guide on how to obtain your Bahraini visa online.

Types of Visit Visas

Bahrain offers three types of visit visas for Pakistani nationals. The first is a 2-week single entry visa, ideal for short stays. The second is a three-month multiple-entry visa, perfect for those planning multiple visits within three months. Lastly, there is a one-year multiple-entry visa, a longer-term option for frequent travelers.

Applying for Bahrain Evisa

  • To apply for a Bahrain Evisa, start by visiting the official Evisa portal.
  • Click on “Apply for a Visa” and fill out the eligibility page.
  • Next, choose your desired visa type and click “Apply now.”
  • ou will then need to fill out the online application form and complete the required steps.

You will be asked to attach the necessary documents. If you’re applying for multiple individuals with the same credit card, use the “Submit another application” button. Make your initial payment using a credit card through a secure session with a payment gateway, and make a note of the application reference number.

Your application will be processed by NPRA. Once approved, you’ll receive a notification email and a PIN. Visit the Visa homepage, click on “Pay for Application,” fill in the required information, and use the PIN to retrieve your applications. If your application is not approved, you’ll receive an email with further instructions on how to proceed.

Required Documents

To apply for a Bahrain visit visa, you’ll need a copy of the applicant’s passport (family page and any additional information page), a copy of a valid confirmed return air ticket, and a copy of hotel booking in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

If you’re staying with a relative or friend, provide a copy of their ID reader’s printout. You will also need a copy of a bank statement under the visitor’s name, covering the last three months, with an ending balance of not less than the equivalent of USD 1000.

Bahrain Visit Visa Fee

The total fee for a 2-week visit visa is 9 Bahraini dinars.

By following these simple steps and preparing the necessary documents, you can easily obtain a visa for your trip from Pakistan to Bahrain, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable journey.


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