How to Apply for a Passport in Pakistan

A passport is an essential travel document required for international travel. It serves as an official proof of identity and citizenship of a person when they are traveling outside of their home country.

Having a valid passport makes international travel convenient by allowing visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival in many countries. It also speeds up immigration processes at airports and border crossings.

In Pakistan, passports are issued by the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports (DGIP). The entire process usually takes around 10-15 days for normal applications. Urgent applications can also be submitted for quicker processing.

Documents Required for Passport Application

Applicants 18 Years of Age or Above

  • Original CNIC
  • CNIC photocopies
  • Passport size photographs
  • Bank challan form
  • Previous passport (if applicable)

Applicants Under 18 Years of Age

  • B-form or child registration certificate
  • Parents’ CNIC photocopies
  • Other documents as required for adults

Applying for a Passport Through the Regional Passport Office

Locate your nearest Regional Passport Office (RPO). There are RPOs present in major cities across Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan etc.

You can find the address and contact information for your nearest RPO on the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports website.

  • Before visiting the RPO, ensure you have all the required documents ready.
  • At the RPO, go to the customer service counter first. Here you will receive a numbered token. Wait for your token number to be called before proceeding.
  • When your token number is called, the representative at the counter will verify your documents. Follow their instructions carefully regarding which counters to visit next for biometrics, data entry, etc.
  • At the photograph counter, your passport-size picture will be taken.
  • Your fingerprints and digital signatures will be scanned at the biometric data counter.
  • At the data entry counter, you will need to fill out the passport application form providing your details, occupation, address, etc.

If all verifications are completed successfully, your passport will be issued within 10-15 working days. You can collect it from the Passport Collection Counter at the RPO. Urgent passports may be issued faster in 4 working days.

E-Passport Fee For Ordinary Category

PassportFor 5 Years ValidityFor 10 Years Validity
E-Passport (36 Pages)PKR 9000 (Normal)PKR 15000 (Urgent)PKR 13500 (Normal)PKR 22500 (Urgent)
E-Passport (72 Pages)PKR 16500 (Normal)PKR 27000 (Urgent)PKR 25750 (Normal)PKR 40500 (Urgent)
PassportFor 5 Years ValidityFor 10 Years Validity
MRP 36 PagesPKR 3000 (Normal)PKR 5000 (Urgent)PKR 4500 (Normal)PKR 7500 (Urgent)
MRP 72 PagesPKR 5500 (Normal)PKR 9000 (Urgent)PKR 8250 (Normal)PKR 13500 (Urgent)
MRP 100 PagesPKR 6000 (Normal)PKR 12000 (Urgent)PKR 9000 (Normal)PKR 18000 (Urgent)


Applying for a passport in Pakistan involves visiting the nearest RPO, submitting documents, providing biometrics, going through verification processes, and collecting the passport when approved. The standard validity is 5-10 years. Keeping required documents ready helps streamline the application process.

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