Hareem Shah Reports Husband’s Kidnapping in Karachi

Hareem Shah reported on Sunday, September 3rd, 2023, that her husband Bilal Shah was kidnapped by unidentified men in plain clothes in Karachi. According to Hareem, the kidnappers whisked Bilal away in a 4×4 vehicle shortly after his arrival in the city from London.

Hareem Shah, who has been embroiled in controversy due to her social media activities, stated that there were eyewitnesses to the kidnapping, but she could not identify the culprits. She appealed to law enforcement agencies for assistance in recovering her husband, emphasizing that Bilal had no involvement in politics.

Despite her pleas, Hareem expressed dissatisfaction with the local police station’s efforts towards her husband’s recovery. Consequently, she has filed a petition in court seeking judicial intervention for Bilal’s safe return.

Sources suggest that Bilal is currently being questioned about Hareem’s Twitter account, which has recently been the source of numerous controversial posts. These posts, which targeted state institutions and high-profile individuals, were later deleted. Hareem, however, denied ownership of the account, claiming that it was operated by someone else with her consent.

The couple had been residing outside Pakistan for several months, with Bilal only returning to the country a week prior to the incident. Hareem, meanwhile, has spent the last few months in Europe. The investigation into Bilal’s kidnapping and its potential connection to Hareem’s controversial social media activity is ongoing.

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