Government to Make Petrol Cheaper for Small Cars

Pakistan’s government has developed a comprehensive strategy to minimize carbon footprints, conserve the environment, and cut oil costs. The country’s car and transportation sectors are the primary target of energy-saving initiatives.

The Ministry of Energy, according to our sources, has issued a step-by-step Transport Energy Saving Plan (TESP). The priority, according to the proposal, will be setting the retirement age of cars and bolstering national fuel economy requirements.

The toll fee will be implemented based on the engine size of the cars. Toll tax slabs will be separated for cars with displacements greater than 800cc. Similarly, fuel rates will be established based on the engine size of the cars. There will be fuel pricing slabs for automobiles with 800cc, 1600cc, and bigger engines.

Code and standard implementation for electric vehicle (EV) supply equipment is also a priority. EV charging infrastructure code standards will be applied. A mass transit transportation system for large cities will also be constructed.

According to sources, this scheme will save 2.4 billion liters of oil every year. The energy-saving transportation scheme will remove 7.7 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. The Transport Energy Saving Plan (TESP) will be phased in beginning this year.

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