Gold Rate in Kuwait Today – October 19, 2023

On October 19, 2023, the gold market in Kuwait experienced significant changes. The price of gold per ounce increased notably by KWD 517.820.

This information is crucial for those involved in the Kuwaiti gold market, including investors and individuals seeking the latest updates.

The gold rates in Kuwait are presented in various units such as 1 tola, 1 gram, and 10 grams, and these rates are updated in real-time daily by the local gold and bullion markets.

On this particular day, the cost of 24-carat gold per gram saw a decrease, falling from KWD 17.000 to KWD 16.650 compared to the previous day.

Similarly, the price of 22-carat gold per gram also decreased, dropping from KWD 16.350 to KWD 16.150 as compared to the previous day.

Gold prices fluctuate regularly in various countries, including Kuwait. Therefore, it’s essential for those interested in the gold market to stay informed about the current gold rates. To the rates for 24-carat and 22-carat gold, the prices for 18 carat, 20 carat, and 21 carat gold are also available.

These rates are presented in Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) and are available in the measurements of 1 tola, 1 gram, and 10 grams.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, individuals are advised to verify the latest information regarding the gold price in Kuwait.

Gold unitKuwaiti Dinar
Gram K2416.650 KWD Total: 17.000
Gram K2216.150 KWD Total: 16.350
Gram K2114.540 KWD Total: 14.830
Gram K1812.470 KWD Total: 12.710
1 gold ounce517.820 KWD

Tahir Farooq

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