Ghee, Cooking Oil Prices in Pakistan Today

The federal government of Pakistan has recently implemented measures to decrease the prices of widely used ghee and cooking oil brands. These price reductions are applicable at Utility Stores throughout the country.

The spokesperson for the Utility Stores Corporation confirmed these price cuts and provided further details about the changes in the costs of these essential cooking items.

According to the information given, the prices of popular ghee brands have seen a reduction, moving from Rs23 per kilogram to a much more affordable Rs38 per kilogram. The prices of cooking oil have also experienced a substantial decrease, with rates being cut from Rs13 per liter to just Rs36 per liter.

These new, consumer-friendly prices are effective immediately and apply to all Utility Stores across the nation. The spokesperson for the Utility Stores Corporation emphasized that these measures are intended to improve the financial ease of common consumers.

This move is expected to provide relief to the citizens of Pakistan who have been grappling with high food prices.

Tahir Farooq

Tahir thrives on delivering breaking stories, timely market updates, and in-depth analyses of financial developments. With a keen eye for the pulse of the business world, his news reports keep you informed and ahead of the curve.

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