FPSC CSS 2022 Result Including Passing Candidates List

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has released the final CSS 2022 exam results, which show a shocking low passing percentage of 1.85%.

Only 237 people passed the test out of the total number of applicants that took it. According to the FPSC, 146 were male candidates and 91 were female candidates.

The list of successful applicants, as well as information about their relevant professional groups or services, is now available on the official website.

It is worth noting that 20,262 students took the CSS 2022 examinations, but only 393 passed the written part of the exam.

Talha Rafiq of Punjab topped the list and has been assigned to the coveted Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS). The remaining places in the top five are held by Yasir Bilal, Ahmad Hassan Chatha, Muhammad Awais Sultan, and Noman Hafeez, all of whom are from Punjab.

In a notable inclusion, Sindh Rural’s Bareera Bullo landed in the top ten. She has been assigned to the Police Services of Pakistan (PSP), where she would be the only non-Punjab applicant among the top levels.


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