FBISE Federal Board Matric & Inter Practical Exams Exciting Changes

FBISE Federal Board is set to implement changes in the practical examination system for matric (SSC) and inter (HSSC) students. This reform is scheduled to be introduced in the upcoming academic year, to make practical assessments more effective and engaging.

Practical exams involved students maintaining practical notebooks and participating in viva voce examinations. However, starting from April 2024 for matric exams and May 2024 for intermediate exams, this method will be discontinued.

A practical-based assessment will take center stage, where students will respond to structured questions on provided answer sheets. This shift is designed to offer a more dynamic and hands-on evaluation process, moving away from the rote memorization and presentation of pre-solved notebooks that were reportedly available for purchase in markets.

The FBISE Chairman Qaiser Alam has addressed past concerns regarding the integrity of practical exams and believes that the new policy will encourage authentic practical work among students. The Inter-Board Coordination Commission (IBCC) supports this initiative.

Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, the Executive Director of IBCC, has praised the FBISE for its pioneering efforts and expressed hope that other boards will follow suit in enhancing their practical exam systems.

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