Etihad Airways Announces Summer Sale With Huge Discounts

Etihad Airways, one of the UAE’s main airlines, has announced a summer sale with discounts on economic and business class flights to a number of worldwide destinations.

Travelers in economy class may fly to Tel Aviv for AED 795 and Amman for AED 895. For AED 935, you can visit Istanbul, identified for its renowned attractions and blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

The city of famed classical musicians, Vienna, is also an option for AED 1,195 in economy class and AED 13,495 in business class.

Individuals looking for a tropical trip with beautiful beaches, surfing places, and scuba diving may fly to Manila for as little as AED 2,395.

Bangkok’s economy class flights start at AED 2,495 due to its vibrant nightlife and renowned shopping malls, while business class fares begin at AED 9,995.

The table below shows reduced economy and business class flights to the listed locations.

DestinationEconomy Class FareBusiness Class Fare
Tel Aviv (Israel)AED 795
Amman (Jordan)AED 895
Istanbul (Turkey)AED 935
Vienna (Austria)AED 1,195AED 13,495
Manila (Philippines)AED 2,395
Bangkok (Thailand)AED 2,495AED 9,995
Munich (Germany)AED 13,995
Rome (Italy)AED 14,995
Seoul (South Korea)AED 17,995
Chicago (US)AED 20,995
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