ChatGPT Set to Empower Users with AI Chatbot Creation

As OpenAI prepares for its inaugural developer conference, an update to its ChatGPT has been revealed. The update indicates that users will soon be able to create their own personalized AI chatbots using the platform.

The leaked information reveals a new feature called GPT Builder allows users to input prompts to guide the chatbot’s behavior. For instance, one could instruct the chatbot to assist in generating visuals for new products. This feature was demonstrated in a video shared by SEO tools developer Tibor Blaho, providing a glimpse into the user interface of this innovative tool.

In creating chatbots, users will also have the ability to customize various aspects of their AI assistant. Within the “Create” section, users can select a default language, tone, and writing style for the chatbot. The “Configure” section offers options to assign a name, provide a description, and outline instructions regarding the chatbot’s capabilities and limitations. Users can also upload files to create a customized knowledge base and toggle features like web browsing and image generation.

OpenAI is also planning to introduce a marketplace where users can share their chatbots and browse those created by others. This move is expected to foster a community of AI enthusiasts and developers, encouraging innovation and collaboration.

Furthermore, OpenAI is reportedly preparing to launch an enterprise subscription plan known as the “Team” subscription. This plan is expected to offer both “Flexible” and “Annual” subscription options. The Team plan will provide access to unlimited high-speed GPT-4 and the ability to work with context four times longer than before.

These exciting updates are expected to be officially announced at OpenAI’s first developer conference. As the AI community eagerly awaits these new features, it’s clear that OpenAI is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI chatbot technology.

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