Changan Master Motors Reduces Car Prices

Changan Master Motors has recently announced significant price reductions for its new vehicles. This move is aimed at offering potential buyers the opportunity to own vehicles at more affordable rates.

The price cuts have been implemented across several models, including the Oshan X7 Future Sense and the Ocean X7 Comfort. The Oshan X7 Future Sense saw a price decrease of Rs 250,000, while the Ocean X7 Comfort also experienced a substantial price reduction.

In addition to these models, the Alsvin Lumiere witnessed a remarkable price reduction of Rs 450,000, bringing its price down to a more budget-friendly Rs 4.54 million.

The Alsvin Comfort DCT model and the Alsvin Comfort MT model also saw significant price drops of Rs 350,000 and are now available at competitive rates of Rs 4.34 million and Rs 3.79 million, respectively.

These new prices for Changan Motors vehicles took effect on October 27, 2023, providing potential buyers with an excellent opportunity to purchase these vehicles at more affordable rates.

With these price reductions, customers can now consider owning Changan vehicles that were previously out of their budget range. Changan continues to introduce new car models in Pakistan, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of prospective buyers.

Zamin Sheikh

Explores the tech-savvy side of automobiles, unraveling the mysteries of automotive technology, connectivity features, and driver-assistance systems.

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