Cattle Markets Price in Pakistan Today

The total amount of sacrificial animals at cattle markets is expected to fall this year, and prices may rise by 40% as a result of cattle deaths caused by the recent flood and increased transportation expenses.

As the Eid Sacrifice approaches, preparations have begun in cattle markets across the country, including Lahore, but traders and cattle keepers involved in the buying and selling of cattle say that the number of animals in big city cattle markets will decrease and prices will rise this year. Presumably, animal travel expenses from South Punjab to Lahore and Faisalabad have climbed by 50%, as have feed and market fees.

Cattle Markets Price in Pakistan Today

The decrease in animals at Lahore’s cattle market this year may be attributed to two factors: an increase in meat prices compared to the previous year, and a rise in transportation charges. The beef was 450 rupees a kg last year, but it is currently up to 900 rupees. The price of an animal that sold for 100,000 rupees last year is expected to rise by 35 to 40 thousand rupees this year.

Today Cattle Markets Price in Pakistan

Farmers come to big cities for greater profit since animals are more expensive in big cities than in small ones. Aside from that, huge dealers would occasionally acquire more animals at low prices from small towns and sell them at high prices in large marketplaces. In the past, animal prices have risen year after year, yet there has been no major decrease in the number of animals.

Last year, 58 lakh 60 thousand animals were slaughtered in the country, including 2 million cows and bullocks, 3 million goats, 8 lakh camels and 60 thousand camels, and 81 lakh animals.

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