BISE Aga Khan Board Karachi Inter Annual Exams 2024 Registration

The Aga Khan University Examination Board in Karachi is preparing to conduct the Aga Khan Board Inter annual exams in 2024.

To ensure a well-organized and efficient examination process, the board has released important details regarding the registration for the Aga Khan Board Karachi HSSC Annual Exams 2024.

This registration schedule is designed to accommodate students who wish to retake subjects they may have previously failed or were absent for, or those who aspire to improve their previous exam results.

Candidates now have the opportunity to register with the Aga Khan Board Karachi for the upcoming annual exams in 2024.

The key registration details include a deadline of November 15, 2023. Candidates must complete and submit their application forms by this specified deadline. It is crucial to include the regular registration fee to ensure their eligibility for the upcoming exams.

This information provides students with the necessary details to initiate their registration process, allowing them to prepare effectively for the Aga Khan Board Karachi Inter Annual Exams 2024.

The board encourages all potential candidates to adhere to the registration guidelines and deadlines to ensure a smooth examination process.



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