Berger Paints Pakistan Price List Today 2023

The Berger Paints Pakistan Price List for 2023 provides a complete overview of the latest rates for various paint products offered by Berger in Pakistan. The list includes prices for different sizes and types of paints, including enamel, emulsion, varnish, lacquer, and putty products.

Berger Paints Rate List Today 2023

Here are the prices of Berger Paints in Pakistan

Berger Putty Prices in Pakistan

Berger Paint ProductsSizePrice
Berger Allrounder Matt Enamel₨873 – ₨13,028
Berger NU Enamel MetallicQuarterRs. 761
Berger NU Enamel MetallicGallonRs. 2812
Berger Synthetic Enamel MetallicQuarterRs. 819
Synthetic Enamel MetallicGallonRs. 3115
Berger weather ProQuarterRs. 1000
Berger Top Class PuttyDrumRs. 4662
Berger Top Class PuttyGallonRs. 1225
Berger NU EmulsionGallonRs. 1153
Berger SPD Semi Plastic EmulsionGallonRs. 1896
Berger SPD Semi Plastic EmulsionDrumRs. 7273
Berger SPD Semi Plastic EmulsionQuarterRs. 504
Berger timber coat ThinnerDrumRs. 12350
Berger timber coat ThinnerGallonRs. 2427
Berger timbercoat ThinnerQuarterRs. 696
Berger Synthetic Clear VarnishGallonRs. 2134
Berger Synthetic Clear VarnishQuarterRs. 623
Berger Clear Wood LacquerGallonRs. 3985

Berger Putty Prices in Pakistan

Berger Pain Putty ProductsSizePrice
Berger Top Class PuttyDrumRs. 4662
Berger Top Class PuttyGallonRs. 1225
Berger NU PuttyGallonRs. 702
Berger NU PuttyDrumRs. 2403
Berger Wall PuttyDrumRs. 3492
Berger Wall PuttyGallonRs. 1146

These prices are based on market rates and may differ from invoice prices or company rates. The website providing this information does not sell Berger Paints but merely shares the updated prices for consumer knowledge. Buyers are advised to purchase Berger Paint products from local markets.

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