WhatsApp Introduces Side-by-side Feature for its Users

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has issued an interesting new version that allows Android tablet users to customize the side-by-side capability, according to WaBetaInfo. According to the app-tracking website, the newly introduced features are currently being sent out to a restricted number of beta testers and will gradually become available to more people in the coming weeks.

whatsapp side by side feature

With the addition of these new features users will be able to easily switch between conversations without losing track of their existing dialogues. Users can toggle the option offered inside WhatsApp Settings > Chats to control the availability of these features. They will have more power over the WhatsApp interface as a result of this.

Some users may not want to use this feature since they prefer to use the program in full-screen mode. The side-by-side format divides the screen, reducing the area available for chats, especially on smaller-screen devices.

‘In addition, some users prefer the classic single-window layout and may find the side-by-side view annoying or inconvenient,’ according to WaBetaInfo. This feature will be available to beta testers who have installed the most current WhatsApp beta version.

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