Today Egg Rate In Pakistan – Farm Eggs 2023

If you want to learn about the Egg Rate In Pakistan 2023 Today, you are completely just on the right website. The Marketing Council of Lahore City provides this price of Farmi Ande. Because now, you can check the pricing list of chicken for wholesalers and merchants.

Today Egg Rate In Pakistan 2023

Chicken and eggs have also become more costly due to the increasing price of manufacturing and feed. A 50-kilogram bucket of feeding has risen. If the expense of feeding and taxes are decreased, then chicken and egg prices will have to drop.

CitiesRetail Rate (1 dozen)Wholesale (1 Peti)
Check Chicken Rate Today in Pakistan

Today Egg Rate In Pakistan

Pakistan produces and eats 8 million poultry daily and 157 billion chicken eggs annually. Still, producers have experienced the most significant drop over the last two years, and 60 percent of their poultry production has been closed down. Rates have climbed.

An executive of the Pakistan Chicken Organization says that the involvement of the govt in the chicken-free market system is to be faulted for the cost increase as the farmers had alerted the officials before the configuration of the winter season that abstract fixing of rates by the govt was going to result in losses to the growers and ultimately reduction in the manufacturing of the chicken.

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