Sindh Launches Scholarship Program for Govt Teachers

The Sindh Education Department has started a scholarship scheme for teachers who want to further their studies. They can get a 50% discount on B.Ed degree programs, and those with a B.Ed degree will be eligible for government advancement. Teachers pursuing a Ph.D. can pay their tuition in installments.

Teachers in the government can enroll in the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) University, and those with a B. Ed degree will be given priority promotions.

The Sindh cabinet adopted a program for teacher licensing to offer legal protection to educators. The Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority (STEDA) will take over two teacher training institutes, and a board will be formed to monitor training and grant licenses.

A professional license requires a B.Ed or M.Ed degree, and license holders can apply for Grade 16 posts, although more training is required for advancement. To award licenses and monitor training, a STEDA board will be constituted, led by the Minister of Education and comprised of high-ranking department officials.

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