Honda CD 70 2024 New Price in Pakistan

The automotive industry in Pakistan has seen a surge in vehicle prices. However, some automakers, including KIA and MG, have started to reduce their prices in an attempt to provide relief to Pakistani consumers.

Amidst these developments, there were reports that Atlas Honda, one of the largest bike manufacturers in Pakistan, had also slashed its bike prices following the appreciation of the rupee.

Specifically, unverified reports suggested that the price of the Honda CG125 Gold variant was reduced by a staggering Rs38,500, while the regular Honda 125 model saw a price decrease of Rs33,500. The Honda CD70 reportedly experienced a sharp price drop, with the new rate standing at Rs135,000.

However, Atlas Honda dismissed these reports about revised rates. The company released a new list of prices for its models, including the Honda CD70.

Honda CD 70 2024 New Price in Pakistan

According to this list, the price of the Honda CD70 remains unchanged at Rs157,900, contradicting the earlier reports of a price reduction. The company clarified that there has been no reduction in the prices of any of their bikes, including the CD70 and CG125.

These developments took place around October 20, 2023. Despite the rumors and unverified reports, it is clear that the price of the Honda CD70 for the year 2024 in Pakistan stands at Rs157,900, as per the official statement from Atlas Honda.


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