Dua Hajat

Everyone desires prosperity and goodness. The essence of worship is dua (supplication), the enlightenment of the heavens and the earth. It opens the doors of mercy and is a method of meeting our wants from our Creator and Sustainer’s wealth.

When faced with a dilemma in this world or the next, whether physical or spiritual, such as a desire to sin, one should do two rakaats Salaatul Haajaat with the relevant du’as. After that, make du’a truly and repeatedly each day. Allah Ta’ala will provide solutions to situations that are unseen.

Dua Hajat

According to Abdullah bin Abi Aufa (R.A), Rasulullah (P.B.U.H) stated that anyone who has a need from Allah Ta’ala or from any individual should perform wudu fully. Following that, he should conduct two rakaats of salaah, thank Allah Ta’ala, and send blessings on the Prophet (). Then he should say the following du’a:

dua hajat
(Tirmidhi-Vol.1, pg.108 Shaami-Vol.1)

Glory be to Allah, the Rabb of the Great throne.  All praise is exclusively for Allah, the Rabb of the universe. O Allah, I beg You of that which will guarantee Your Mercy, actions which will make certain Your Forgiveness, a supply of every virtue and freedom from every sin. O Allah, do not leave any sin of mine unpardoned, remove all my worries and fulfill every need of mine which conforms to your pleasure.

Dua for Istikhaara

dua for istekhara

Salaatul Hajaat, Dua and method

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