100 Rs Prize Bond List Draw 43 Result Karachi Winner List 2023

The 43rd draw of the Rs 100 Prize Bond took place in Karachi on August 15, 2023. The results are now available for verification and interested parties can cross-check their draw numbers to ascertain if they have won. The official website offers a detailed catalog of denominations for the Qurandazi of the prize bond, which can be accessed for verification purposes.

The National Savings representative announced that the first prize of Rs. 700,000 will be awarded to a single winner. In addition to this, three lucky winners will each receive the second prize of Rs. 200,000. Furthermore, the third prize, associated with the Rs. 100 prize bond, will be distributed among 1199 participants, each receiving Rs. 1,000.

The winners of the draw are strongly advised to claim their prizes promptly to avoid any potential inconveniences. This is an exciting opportunity for all participants and the anticipation surrounding the announcement of the winners was palpable.

The Rs 100 Prize Bond Draw has always been a significant event, attracting a large number of participants. It is seen as a chance to win substantial amounts of money, and the latest draw was no exception. With the results now available, it is expected that the winners will come forward to claim their prizes soon.

For those who wish to check the results, they can do so by visiting our website. The list of winners can be downloaded here.

This event marks another successful draw of the Rs 100 Prize Bond, continuing its tradition of providing an opportunity for individuals to win significant cash prizes. As we look forward to the next draw, we congratulate all the winners of the 43rd Rs 100 Prize Bond Draw.

Here is the Rs 100 prize bond list.

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