Zayn Malik Reveals Truth Behind His Exit from ‘One Direction’

Zayn Malik, the former member of the globally renowned band ‘One Direction’, has finally broken his silence about his departure from the group. In a recent interview with Alex Cooper on the podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’, Malik revealed that his decision to leave was influenced by internal politics and professional disagreements within the band.

Malik, who is now 30 years old, shared that he had been contemplating his exit for quite some time. He refrained from going into explicit details but hinted at the existence of certain issues. According to him, there were individuals within the band who were reluctant to sign contracts, which led him to suspect that something was amiss.

In addition to the professional differences, Malik also admitted that personal relationships within the band were strained. The members, who had spent every day together for five years, had grown weary of each other. Despite their close bond, the constant companionship had taken its toll on their friendships.

Despite his successful solo career, Malik confessed that he still experiences stage fright. However, he also expressed a strong desire to return to the stage, driven by an energy and a sense of having something valuable to offer his audience.

Malik’s fans have remained supportive throughout his journey. He expressed his gratitude for their unwavering support, stating that they have always reassured him of their presence whenever he is ready to perform. Their encouragement has motivated him to prove them right and deliver his best.

On the professional front, Malik is preparing for the release of his fourth solo album. Although the release date has not been specified, it is expected to be launched soon. This upcoming album marks another milestone in Malik’s solo career, further establishing his individual identity in the music industry, separate from his past association with ‘One Direction’.

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