Yumi’s Cells Season 2 Ending And Story After Season 14 Finale

After Yumi’s Cells, 2’s 14th and final episode closed with webtoon viewers begging for a third season, know the season’s conclusion explained.

From its star-studded cast to its ground-breaking approach to fusing the joys of everyday life with the magic of animation, this show has it all. One of the most intriguing K-dramas of 2022 was ‘Yumi’s Cells.’ “Goblin” alum Kim Go-Eun provided the voice of Yumi, Park Jinyoung of GOT7 played Babi, and Ahn Bo-Hyun returned as Woong, the main character from Season 1.

Webtoon viewers were enthralled by Shin Soon-rok and GOT7 fans lauded Jinyoung’s act after ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’ on July 22.

Yumi’s Cells Season 2 Ending And Story After Season 14 Finale

Following their tragic divorce, Yumi and Babi reconnect in the final week of their relationship. Immediately following their lips-to-lips encounter, Babi makes an engagement proposal to her. It was split into two Episodes, which aired Friday, Episodes 13 and 14, respectively.

In ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’ episode 13, Yumi accepts Babi’s marriage proposal and makes the news public by posting a photo of her engagement ring on social media. Even after all these years, Control Z still has great hopes for his buddy and intends to accidentally introduce Woong to Yumi. Woong’s disappointment is compounded when Ruby calls and tells them that Yumi is getting married.

Episode 13: Babi and Yumi talking

Yumi is introduced to Babi’s father, a blunt man with few words to say. Yumi can stay with Babi for a short time at his father’s cafe. By eating four plates of “Tteokbokki,” Yumi hopes to win her father’s approval. Possibly, she has already won her father’s trust, but she has no idea.

His heart is warmed even more by her use of the word “father” and the money she provides him. Yumi is delighted when Babi explains that his father was a penny pincher like Scrooge, therefore he rarely handed cash to his son.

After a few days, Yumi has a throat infection and a fever and cancels her dinner date with Babi. When Woong tells her he’s in town, she happens to see him. When she gets married, he congratulates her, but then tells her that he regrets abandoning her the most. Woong asks Yumi if she loves Babi, and Yumi hesitates for a moment. Because Yumi’s Love Cell isn’t there, she’s unable to say yes and instead chooses to change the subject.

Babi receives a phone call

Finally, we see Babi taking a sick Yumi’s absence from work into consideration. Yumi’s father even sends her meals, which she finds to be quite kind. Because his sister resides in Hawaii, Babi begs Yumi to plan a modest wedding there. Yumi is overjoyed and reveals that getting married in Hawaii is her ultimate wedding fantasy. In the midst of all, Yumi is shocked to witness Daeun on the phone with Babi in the middle of the night.

A flashback 8 months earlier shows Daeun intoxicated and calling Babi for the last time. When Yumi heard Daeun and Babi talk, Babi simply erases Daeun’s link. On the other side, Yumi’s thoughts are made public. She blames their breakup on Yumi’s lack of response to Daeun’s phone call and Babi’s inability to erase the contact from their phone. She’s baffled by the idea that love may be both serene and loving.

Toward the end of the series, Yumi focuses on her novel

It has been a rough season for Yumi’s Cells 2, and she is worried about making a good impression with her book’s finale. She was supposed to respond before Yi-wedding, da’s, but her computer vanished, so she has no record of what she said. After skipping 60 pages over the next three weeks, the Writer Cell is nowhere to be seen.

Who are Babi and Woong?

After getting her laptop, Yumi writes a thank-you message to Babi, but they run into one other at the airport since Babi’s flight was delayed. Before he asks if she has a boyfriend, they exchange pleasantries. When she asks whether he has plans, she implies that he does. She is pleased when he says yes. Babi, on the other hand, confesses to his coworker that he has no plans to see anyone this evening.

In ‘Yumi’s Cells 2,’ Yumi encounters a fresh batch of boys to get to know. When she pleaded with Love Cell to give Writer Cell the top slot, she had been distracted by her professional aspirations. For this reason, she was intrigued, sensitive, and passionate about a man even when they weren’t together.

The Love Cell has re-emerged

Yumi is relieved that Dating Cell is no longer a threat, but she still has trouble sleeping due to the impending holiday celebration. A year later, on Christmas Eve, Love Cell returns, hinting that she has found a new love. After that, we have a brief flashback to Ruby’s surprise Christmas party, which Yumi was made aware of by Ruby.

Yumi makes a point of greeting her youthful boss often. The next day, he texted her to see whether Yumi had made it home safely after a night of drinking. It’s like the ending of her narrative, where he brings himself back as Shin Soon-rok. Later, the manager is revealed to be Yumi’s narrator in the most current episodes.

Even though a third season has not yet been announced, webtoon watchers of ‘Yumi’s Cells’ have speculated that the Shin Soon-rok shown in the conclusion may be Yumi’s, final love. K-drama lovers, on the other hand, were delighted with the ending, which merely hinted at love but ended with Yumi focusing on her work and herself.

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