YouTuber Aliza Sehar Reacts to Her Leaked Video

Renowned YouTuber Aliza Sehar recently found herself at the center of an online controversy. A private video allegedly featuring Sehar was leaked on various internet platforms, sparking widespread discussion and concern.

Sehar particularly her videos showcasing life in Pakistani villages, responded to the incident by sharing her side of the story. She revealed that she had approached the FIA cybercrime office in Multan to take action against the individual responsible for leaking her video.

YouTuber Aliza Sehar Reacts to Her Leaked Video

According to Sehar, the cybercrime unit was able to trace the location of the person who leaked the video to Qatar. The individual, originally from Okara, Pakistan, is currently residing in Qatar. Upon being contacted by the cybercrime unit, he admitted to editing the video but denied leaking it.

In an emotional response, Sehar expressed her frustration and disappointment over the incident. She stated that if the man were in Pakistan, she would not have let him go unpunished. Despite the distressing circumstances, Sehar praised the support she received from the cybercrime unit and her followers during this challenging time.

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